PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 | PM Vishwakarma Yojana Online Application Form

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024: Vishwakarma Yojana has been started by the Central Government . Under this scheme, more than 140 castes of Vishwakarma community will be provided benefits. Under this scheme, loans will be made available to all the castes of Vishwakarma community at very low interest rates , along with this, the benefit of various types of facilities being provided by the government will be available. Under this scheme, eligible candidates can apply through online medium.

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 is a government initiative aimed at supporting traditional artisans and craftspeople, recognizing their significant contribution to India’s cultural heritage and economy. Here’s a detailed overview:

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 Overview

Name of SchemePrime Minister Vishwakarma Scheme 2024
BeneficiaryPeople of all castes of Vishwakarma community
Apply ModeOnline/ Offline
ObjectiveProviding free skill training and loans for employment
Who Can Apply?All the craftsmen and artisans of the country
BudgetProvision of budget of Rs 13000 crore
DepartmentMinistry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises
PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024
PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024


To support and uplift traditional artisans and craftsmen by providing financial assistance, skill development, and market access, ensuring the preservation and growth of traditional crafts.

Key Features

  1. Financial Assistance
    • Subsidies and Loans: Provision of low-interest loans and subsidies to artisans for purchasing raw materials, tools, and other necessities.
    • Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT): Ensuring timely and transparent financial support through direct transfers to beneficiaries’ bank accounts.
  2. Skill Development
    • Training Programs: Offering skill development programs to enhance the craftsmanship of artisans, making them more competitive in the modern market.
    • Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops and seminars to introduce artisans to new techniques, technologies, and market trends.
  3. Market Access
    • E-commerce Platforms: Helping artisans to sell their products online through dedicated e-commerce platforms and partnerships with existing ones.
    • Exhibitions and Fairs: Organizing national and international exhibitions to showcase and promote traditional crafts.
  4. Infrastructure Development
    • Common Facility Centers: Setting up centers equipped with modern tools and machinery to help artisans improve their productivity and quality.
    • Workshops and Studios: Providing access to well-equipped workshops and studios for artisans to work and collaborate.
  5. Healthcare and Insurance
    • Health Insurance: Providing affordable health insurance schemes to artisans and their families.
    • Life Insurance: Offering life insurance coverage to ensure financial security for the families of artisans.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Artisans and Craftspeople: Individuals engaged in traditional crafts and artisanal work.
  • Age: Typically, applicants must be between 18 to 60 years of age.
  • Verification: Applicants may need to provide proof of their craft and lineage of traditional artisanal work.

Application Process

  • Online Registration: Artisans can register online through the official PM Vishwakarma Yojana portal.
  • Offline Registration: Registration can also be done at designated centers such as Common Service Centers (CSCs).
  • Documentation: Required documents include identity proof, proof of craft, and bank account details.

Implementation and Monitoring

  • Implementing Agencies: Various government bodies and NGOs will be involved in the implementation of the scheme.
  • Monitoring: Regular monitoring and evaluation to ensure the effective utilization of funds and resources.


  • Empowerment: Empowering traditional artisans by providing them with the necessary resources and support to sustain and grow their craft.
  • Economic Growth: Contributing to the economic growth of the country by boosting the traditional craft sector.
  • Cultural Preservation: Ensuring the preservation and promotion of India’s rich cultural heritage.


The PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for traditional artisans and craftsmen, ensuring their growth and integration into the modern economy while preserving India’s cultural heritage. By providing financial assistance, skill development, and market access, the scheme endeavors to uplift and empower artisans across the country.

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